The Challenge

Successful businesses are aware, nimble, and equipped to transform and adapt to internal and external changes.  Managing the challenge of transformative change is daunting.  Simply identifying the need to change isn’t enough. Successful, transformative change requires a holistic approach and inadequately addressing any area can place the change and its intended benefits at risk.

Our Approach

Accelerated Knowledge focuses on the implementation and adoption of complex change by providing integrated strategy leadership, business readiness, program and project management, and business process services.  Our experienced consultants are ready to help you accelerate the transformation of your business to achieve outstanding returns on your transformative investments.

Utilizing the Accelerate™ methodology, our team will help you succeed in implementing large and complex transformations while mitigating negative financial and operational impacts.  

Accelerate Change

Accelerated Knowledge works you in the adoption of a transformative change ensuring that the business is aligned, focused, and moving as a single integrated force. Too often ambiguity about the strategic direction, the reason for the change or the path to get to the change creates resistance and slows down the change or limits the impact of anticipated results and organization re-structure.

Accelerated Knowledge focuses on transformational change including acquisition/merger, large systems implementations and organization restructure.

Accelerated Knowledge uses an integrated approach that engages leadership as sponsors of the change, utilizes existing project management tools to monitor and mitigate resistance to the change, and builds readiness in parallel with project execution to ensure that structural, cultural, and people impacts of the change are addressed.

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