“Culture eats strategy for breakfast, operational excellence for lunch, and everything else for dinner. ”

- Unknown

Culture is the lifeblood of most organizations. Transformative change by its nature is likely to have significant impacts on an organization's culture. And yet, potential impacts to culture (both positive and negative) are often overlooked or underestimated. An organization must decide to actively architect culture or to allow it change organically.

Accelerated Knowledge has cultural experts who can work with your organization to architect a cultural plan by;

  • Identifying the potential scope of cultural impacts for a specific change or a larger more complex transformation
  • Assessing current culture and comparing it to a desired ideal to determine gaps
  • Developing a concrete plan to architect culture that includes practical implementation activities as well as defined points of review to assess and adjust
  • Ensuring that leaders and employees alike are engaged in the process and working to actively achieve
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