“Success today requires the agility and drive to constantly rethink, reinvigorate, react, and reinvent.”

- Bill Gates

Accelerated Knowledge approaches Change Management and building change competency holistically, with a business focus, and an eye for immediate application.

We start by assessing your organization and its change agility.  Next, we work with leaders to understand the direction of the organization and determine the level of change competency required to thrive. With this information, we help you to build a plan for competency that includes education, application, and measurement.

Competency is more than just a quick one and done exercise. We’ll help your team to;

  • Create a simple change structure that can be understood and used across the business from a small team change to a program that is transformational
  • Understand the power of change to make an organization better
  • Approach change with a focus on performance
  • Apply change concepts during a change to achieve goals
  • Work together across team and department lines to achieve success

Accelerated Knowledge’s Education is a Competency Differentiator

We have customized learning paths for Leaders, Project Teams, and the Business.  Each path focuses on the role that these stakeholders play in a successful change. So, what makes us different?

  • We seek to build change agility by teaching participants to embrace change and approach it as a challenge
  • Our courses are application based with traditional “lecture” comprising less than 25% of seminar time
  • Your learning path includes pre and post class application and mentoring support
  • Education and competency are linked when measuring successful outcomes
To learn more about our approach, let’s talk.