The Challenge

It is challenging to implement organizational strategy for many reasons including:

  • At best, strategy is a once-a-year process, not a living, breathing, daily task

  • Employees at all levels are not engaged in strategy execution

  • Effectiveness is not measured

To realize the advantages of decisive and accountable strategy implementation, utilize proven tools and processes and engage your employees to implement the strategy every day.

Our Approach

Accelerated Knowledge develops strategy with an eye toward implementation.  Our approach includes working together with our clients to:

  • Capture the vision, strategy, and associated objectives

  • Review current capabilities and key processes

  • Identify critical gaps

  • Develop a 'roadmap' for closing gaps and accomplishing the vision

Accelerate Strategy 

Accelerated Knowledge adopts a practical approach to strategy implementation. In any strategy engagement, the following questions should be addressed:

  • What are the near-term and longer-term next steps or phases needed to accomplish this strategy?

  • Can existing systems and processes be utilized (at least in the short-term) to help address needs?

  • What additional resources (technology, information, and human) may be required to execute on the recommended approach?

  • What are the potential financial investments related to the next-steps or phases in an ‘order of magnitude’ estimate? What is the potential return?

  • What is the timeline for implementation of the near-term and longer-term next steps?

  • What ‘quick win’ initiatives can be accomplished in the next 3-6 months that will address the most urgent needs?